Coletta Perry

CEO / Senior Solutions Designer

There is a reason the French use the word “Chef” for the head of a company. And that’s very much how Coletta sees her role at Avatar. With 30+ years in publishing, production, and automation design, she is adept at whipping up the perfect solution for each of Avatar’s clients.

Coletta is the founder and technical visionary of Avatar DPS. She and her team have helped hundreds of companies adopt affordable data-driven automated catalog workflows. Her focus on catalog production automation began in the early 1990s, after successfully helming her own typography company for more than a decade. Merging her interest in type and automation, Coletta worked with the Black Box international catalog production team to develop her first labor-saving applets. These custom applets automated index creation, language swapping, and catalog design, morphing in order to speed up the creation of Black Box’s international catalogs that were being published in 13 languages.

Coletta continued to research new ways to streamline production and make more efficient use of data. She saw how the marriage of a good design and appropriate handling of data could revolutionize what was possible in the realm of automating document production and connections to databases and was an early adopter and evangelist for Adobe InDesign.

In the mid-90s she set out to build an organization that would focus on helping companies set up copy databases and image management solutions — to assist them in adopting these tools and best practices in their catalog production groups. Coletta’s passion and commitment drive her to constantly research and test new products and emerging technologies, ensuring that Avatar is standing ready with the next “new thing” when customers look to expand their reach in the digital world.

Other hats she wears of her local municipality. She is one of a council of seven who is passionate about and working hard to improve their beloved Crafton, PA. She is also on her local library board.

When not working on solutions for Avatar’s clients or attending Council meetings, Coletta can either be found in the kitchen pursuing her love of the culinary arts or out biking, camera on board, looking to capture the interesting and unusual. You can find some of her favorites in her Flickr photo stream…


Joe Mathia

Senior Applications Developer

Joe has been the development and technical support backbone at Avatar for more than 15 years. He has personally been responsible for implementing automated page-building solutions for InDesign and Quark
for close to 1,000 companies in that time. His experience in this arena is simply unparalleled.

Joe is adept with XML, ODBC, and relational database connections to InDesign and QuarkXPress, JavaScript, AppleScript, all of Em Software’s tools for Quark and InDesign, as well as his stock-in-trade, EasyCatalog.
With all these tools at his disposal, Joe can always be counted on to come up with a great solution to the most challenging requirements.

Joe is a rare but true renaissance man. He has an engineering and music background and still is a highly sought-after piano teacher. All that practice coupled with his degree in piano pedagogy (the science of education) makes him a patient and brilliant teacher. We credit Joe for the success of our online webinar-style training programs and live support sessions.

Beyond publishing solutions, he is the go-to guy for any mechanical question or practical repair advice. He’s also a great cook! All this knowledge translates into an amazing ability to understand clients’ businesses and their products and services which, in turn, influences his solutions and ensures that they are spot on.


Diane H. Postrech

Business Development / Client Services

Diane brings more than 25 years of full-service client relations and marketing experience to Avatar DPS. Having both a Bachelors degree in Speech Communication with an Emphasis on Media from California University of Pennsylvania and a Paralegal certificate in Civil Litigation from Duquesne University, she has used her education to navigate her way through the publishing world. She has created process flows to help her clients stay on task, and produced style manuals and training collateral to help them better utilize the resources they have.

Diane enjoys the interaction with clients and gets deeply involved in helping them find the best solutions to their publishing problems. Always looking ahead to increase productivity and efficiency long-term, she gathers feedback from her clients by listening intently, asking the right questions, and working cohesively with them to help with their decisions. Not a fan of hard-sell techniques, Diane uses common sense (not so common these days) to maintain her straight-shooting style and gives her clients her honest opinion.

Diane spends her spare time working with her beloved Hello Bully, a Pittsburgh-based organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and repair the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. She works every week at the Hello Bully Halfway House, tending to the various dogs waiting for their forever homes as well as getting her fill of snuggles and kisses from them. Having five rescue dogs of her own, she believes in giving back and is involved in several local outreach programs that help to provide free spay/neuter and vaccinations to communities within the Pittsburgh area that are currently under served. She has deployed with the U.S. Humane Society to help care for the dogs confiscated in what has been the nation’s 2nd largest dog-fighting ring, made up of 367 dogs.

If you give Diane a call, don’t be surprised to hear a couple of dogs in the background as she happily tends to her clients from her home office. Along with best practices, Diane believes in positive training, so you’ll be in good hands as she helps you along with your projects. Woof!


Noel Juliette

Accounting / eLearning Development Specialist

Noel brings a wide array of skills to Avatar with her schooling and years of retail management experience. She attended The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated from Western Connecticut State University with her Communications degree and a focus on Graphic Design.

Here at Avatar, Noel is the one who makes sure that all the checks and balances are in place so that the rest of the Avatar team can concentrate on the numerous projects going on at any time. Her keen eye for detail keeps us on all track and is the foundation for making sure Avatar is there to serve its clients. In addition to her primary role, Noel has delved into the world of eLearning and is assisting Jackie with our eLearning platform to help clients fully understand and engage with EasyCatalog.

Noel is one of those rare beings who not only has a mind for business and numbers, but also sports a very creative and generous mind.

Noel’s love of art, eye for photography, and passion for cooking are some of her extra skills that really enable her creativity to shine through. Her Middle Eastern and French background makes for a very diverse palate, especially when it comes to her cooking. She spends some of her spare time working with a local caterer to help create wonderful and delicious dishes while her travels to the Middle East also contribute to her cultural diversity and appreciation for traditions.

When not crunching numbers for Avatar, Noel can be found shopping for fresh produce for her next culinary creation or attending one of the many local art galleries in Pittsburgh.


Jacquelyn Levasseur

eLearning Manager / Web and Graphics Specialist

Jacquelyn, a native Texan, has found a home in Pittsburgh with her husband, and is Mom to three rescued fur children (a weimaraner and two cats) and a little boy named Gustav “Gus.”

Jacquelyn has her undergrad degree in Media Communications from Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi and a Masters from Duquesne in Web Design and Development. Her work history has ranged from photographer at a university to communications director for a non-profit. With a creative and a technical background, Jacquelyn has an understanding of both the back-end and the user’s experience, which complements her dual roles here at Avatar.

She is the technical talent that set up and maintains EasyCatalog eLearning platform and the one who manages our website and has a hand in all of our graphical communication we create.

When she isn’t in front of a computer, Jacquelyn enjoys restoring her 1907 home with her husband, going for Sunday drives, and taking photographs. If you’re touring Pittsburgh, you may just see her scoping out the sights herself, preserving memories with her camera.


Fred Elisson Burgos

Marketing Consultant

As a professional creative, Fred Burgos has been in marketing and communications for most of his life, wearing the hats of writer, creative director, and commercial film director. That said, when the need arises, he’s also been art director and designer. And when Avatar called, he was here, too, to help us rebrand, revise, and reintroduce you to our new host of products and services to help you out of your jam.

Having been on the staffs of some of the largest and most prestigious advertising firms on the globe, including Saatchi & Saatchi, J. Walter Thompson, DDB, and most extensively (13 years), Arnold Worldwide, Fred has stepped right in to be the team player we needed and wanted for our own business.

Fred’s list of experience complements Avatar’s, providing various marketing solutions for fields ranging from packaged goods, high tech, automotive, finance, travel, sports, healthcare, airlines, electronics and pharmaceuticals, and his list of clients is even more impressive, such as Amtrak, McDonald’s, Toyota, Verizon, Exxon/Mobil, EMC Enterprise, Ocean Spray, Mexicana Airlines, the NFL Players Association, and the U.S. Army.

Fred has developed a strong track record for mentoring and supervising teams, and Coletta knew right off the bat that she wanted him to join our Avatar team. He has provided the guidance and insight to make us realize what we need to put forward so that you, the client, know exactly what we offer, and with his help and support, we have embarked with a new message to better convey our data-to-design knowledge that leaves the others in the dust.

Fred believes that one should never stop growing personally, professionally, or creatively. With that sage advice, we at Avatar are listening, learning, and moving forward with more ideas to help you achieve even more on the data-to-design front.