The Client

Benco Dental

“They didn’t just sell us and bug out.”—Jennifer Ochman

The Challenge

  • Obsolete software

  • Migrating from Quark to InDesign

  • The need for flexibility in the creative of their catalog

The Solution

  • Customized InDesign templates

  • Custom EasyCatalog development

The Results

  • Reduced production time on main catalog by 50%

  • Saved enough time with their new solution to produce additional catalogs without increasing staff

  • Truly personalized marketing materials now a reality

The Whole Story

Since 2007, when the decision was made to use InDesign for their catalog production, EasyCatalog became Benco’s tool of choice. Benco found the EasyCatalog adoption to be relatively painless — especially with the help the received from Avatar.

Jennifer Ochman, Database Publishing Production Specialist and catalog builder extraordinaire has turned again and again to Avatar. She says “Avatar is approachable and available when looking for technical help. They didn’t just sell us and bug out.”

She loves the flexibility, convenience, and accuracy that EasyCatalog provides. Jennifer has been able to provide her marketing department the selling tools they need for individual clients and at trade shows by create smaller personalized catalogs and specialty booklets and flyers.

Jennifer also loves the way EasyCatalog has been improved over the years. And she’s always one of the first to figure out how to leverage new features.