The Client

Morgan Recreational Supply, Inc.

“Along with products and services, fluidity and forward thinking is what Avatar brings to the table.”—Scott Scudder, CEO

The Challenge

  • Updating catalog with information directly from their database

The Solution

  • Customized InDesign templates

  • Custom EasyCatalog development

The Results

  • 60% reduction in production time

  • Tighter and more attractive design

The Whole Story

Transforming the production of their catalog for the marine accessory market proved to be easier than anticipated with the use of EasyCatalog. By incorporating this dynamic plug-in for InDesign into their workflow, Morgan Recreational was able to use the power of EasyCatalog to reduce their production time by more than 60%. 

Partnering for more than 12 years with Avatar DPS, Morgan Recreational’s original focus was having Avatar create a database that would store upwards of 21,000 product SKUs. Using FileMaker, Avatar created a tool that is still used today, being effective and user-friendly. It continues to provide the foundation they need for keeping accurate information about products, and providing the solid data foundation needed for page building.

When looking to update how they were creating their catalog, Morgan turned again to the expertise of Avatar. With guidance throughout the process, Morgan was able to not only create their catalog in less time, but were able to focus their attention on improving the layout and presentation, creating a more attractive and organized catalog. When their designer, Darryl Milke, came on board, he found EasyCatalog to be intuitive and easy to use.

Over the years, it is not only the expertise in desktop publishing, but also the great job Avatar has done looking out for clients. Beyond the present, Avatar does a “great job looking out for their clients by looking out at what is new in desktop publishing, and working to help their customers be successful.”