The Client


“We needed a whole new way of doing things.”—Terry Sanders, Production Manager

The Challenge

  • Bringing chart automation in-house

  • Enabling designers to create chart changes

The Solution

  • EasyCatalog and tablet solution

  • Script to adjust kerning on specific text in the catalog

The Results

  • Internal production used by entire team

  • Efficiency and timeliness

  • Chart building for iPad application

The Whole Story

After a decade-long partnership, this industry-leading entertainment entity turned to Avatar DPS when it was looking to update the manner in which they handled their extensive ever-changing music charts. Past workflow required using code-driven software with the addition of scripting; the demands of that scripting meant that only one designer had the basic knowledge of how the charts worked. This required having to look beyond their team to outside resources to make any changes to the more than 70 charts that are created on a weekly basis.

Through Avatar DPS’s guidance, the decision was made to integrate the flexibility and ease of EasyCatalog into Billboard’s core process, a shift that has proven to be extremely beneficial in the eyes of their staff. “With substantive changes being made to the charts after the redesign, it called for a whole new way of doing things,” said Terry Sanders, Production Manager.

AvatarDPS and EasyCatalog enabled this client to move from the limitations of a heavily scripted workflow to using a single plug-in that was accessible to their entire team. Having weekly deadlines to meet, the Billboard team was provided with the means of not only bringing their production in-house, but to also coordinate any last-minute adjustments on the fly.

In addition to being proven to be an excellent time-saver in the management of charts for the magazine’s feature articles, Billboard is now able to handle changes without having to create any special scripting requiring the reliance on a single staff person or resource. EasyCatalog has enabled production to be brought to the designers’ desktops, fostering a more hands-on production process, where they can be in control of revisions immediately.

Every step of the way, Avatar DPS was there providing the training and documentation to give the Billboard team the necessary tools to continue to improve their time saving and independence.