The Client


“EasyCatalog helped me understand the data better, what it meant, and ultimately, it made me understand our products better. It wasn’t what I expected to happen but it was a definite outcome of using the software.”— Will Clark, Graphic Designer/Webmaster

The Challenge

  • Needed to save production time

  • Data was getting entered incorrectly

  • Engineering needed help in quality control of the data

The Solution

  • Customized EasyCatalog solution development

  • Updated InDesign templates

  • Creation of custom-scripted applet

The Results

  • Drastic reduction in production time

  • Accurate data entry along with an marked decrease in errors

  • Engineering can now work with macros to ensure at a quick glance that their data is correct and in the proper place

The Whole Story

When Sumitomo first contacted Avatar DPS, they were looking at various software and database technologies to organize, categorize, and utilize all of their catalog data, so they could update in one place and export to many different platforms.

Avatar started with a data consult to define the exact data requirements to prevent Sumitomo from having to redo their data while determining the rest of the project scope. It was determined that EasyCatalog would fit the bill and Sumitomo opted to have Avatar create the template, data panel, and library so that they could know that everything was set up correctly and efficiently and that they could concentrate on learning how to use everything.

Avatar was also asked to create a custom applet in order to make all of the text boxes fit, thus saving more production time and resulting in a consistent look.

Once Sumitomo began using everything, they started seeing a great reduction in production time for their catalogs. Where once it took them nine months to produce one catalog, they are now able to produce five catalogs in a matter of two months. With all the extra time, management is now expecting more projects to get done, and it’s safe to say that not only will there be more projects, but they’ll be more consistent than years past.