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Avatar has designed this self-paced eLearning course to teach the fundamental skills that go into the planning and execution of EasyCatalog workflows. The course consists of 9 units with a total running time of more than 10 hours. 

We’ve structured the lessons so you’re able to proceed at your own speed, allowing you the time to properly absorb each individual lesson before moving on to the next. We’ve provided an exercise workbook which, when used in tandem with the video classes, is an excellent way to stay fully immersed in each course lesson. In addition, you’ll have the ready ability to review these modules as often as you’d like for 90 days.

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Course Outline

  • Unit 1, Runtime 1 hr 31 mins

    • Preferences

    • Document Setup

    • Master Pages

    • Style Sheets

    • Tables

    • Inline & Anchored Objects

    • InDesign Libraries

    • InDesign Books

  • Unit 2, Runtime 1 hr 47 mins

    • Data Basics

    • EasyCatalog Data Requisites

    • Presentation and Data Types

    • EasyCatalog Interface and Workspace

    • Data Panel Basics Part 1

    • Data Panel Basics Part 2

    • Field Options Overview

    • Updating the Panel with Fresh Data

    • Duplicating Panels

    • Filtering and Grouping Panels

    • Updating Panels Containing Group Data

    • Filtering and Grouping Panels

  • Unit 3, Runtime 1 hr 33 mins

    • Drag and Drop Pagination, Record Data

    • Drag and Drop Pagination, Group Data

    • Batch Pagination, Flow-Based

    • Batch Pagination, Guide-Based

    • Batch Pagination, Master Page

    • Batch Pagination, Template Document

  • Unit 4, Runtime 1 hr 4 mins

    • Updating Documents, Record Data

    • Updating Documents, Replace & Adopt Fields

    • Updating Documents, Group Data

    • Updating Documents, Re-Apply Pagination Rules

    • Updating Panel and Source Data

    • Exporting Page Numbers

    • Exporting Page Numbers, Advanced

  • Unit 5, Runtime 1 hr 7 mins

    • Field Specifier Basics

    • Other Ways of Creating Field Specifiers

    • Creating EasyCatalog-Linked Objects, Record Data

    • Practical Example, Using General Field Options

    • Creating EasyCatalog-Linked Objects, Group Data

    • Practical Example, Pagination Rules and Actions

  • Unit 6, Runtime 1 hr 32 mins

    • Batch Pagination Items with Record Data

    • Batch Pagination Items with Group Data

    • Design Considerations

    • Setting Up Page Furniture

    • Setting Up Master Page Pagination

    • Setting Up Template Document Pagination

  • Unit 7, Runtime 42 mins

    • Asset Name

    • The Ignored Pagination Action

    • Using Group Hierarchy

  • Unit 8, Runtime 55 mins

    • Column Options

    • Cell Options

    • Row Options

    • Table Options

    • Horizontal Tables

    • Tables Within Tables

  • Unit 9, Runtime 37 mins

    • Formatting Rules Pagination Basics

    • Rule Sets Containing Multiple Rules

    • Updating and Geometry Changes



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