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Overview of what we accomplished. broad strokes that detail the points below

The Challenge

Crosby didn’t have a database or complete set of data most thorough (Stuff Kevin Wrote)

They needed to create a set of data from their catalog documents

The extracted data needed to be formatted properly so that it could be imported into Salsify.

3 versions of each product existed on each page, Imperial, Metric and Spanish

Development of catalog automation process for efficient production.

The Solution

Avatar was able to collaborate with Salsify to outline the data model that worked best for their system.

Leveraged custom scripting to extract data and configure the documents for automation

Salsify could use the scripts to harvest the data directly from the InDesign documents, allowing Avatar to place EasyCatalog links as the data was extracted so that the pages of the catalog were configured for automation.

Avatar was able to Validate, populate and collaborate on the data model setup with Salsify for the initial database population.

We were also able to validate the data coming out of Salsify utilizing EasyCatalog software to compare the data against what existed on their catalog pages. (Data round trip)

Developed a method for normalizing the extracted data to standardize the field names for each of the data points. NOTE: We could add a link that reads, “What is data normalization?” or “Learn more about data normalization here” this would open a page in a modal window that would give a brief “Data Normalization 101” so that the customer could better understand what it is and why it matters.

Linked all versions (imperial, metric and Spanish) without duplicating information.

The Results

Crosby now has:

A populated Salsify database that contains their “Gold standard” normalized and standardized data

They have a method for importing and exporting their data from their database

Method for easily updating data on their catalog pages using EasyCatalog

A complete set of linked InDesign documents completely set up for automation


Looking Ahead