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Unwavering Support

Our "Road to Self-Sufficiency" program is designed to mentor your team toward becoming proficient in leveraging the solutions we create and developing new solutions independently. We include implementation support with every solution, and ongoing consulting and support blocks that can be purchased as needed. In addition, we offer an EasyCatalog eLearning course with included exercise files. Sign up today!

We are expert users, trainers, and authorized resellers of EasyCatalog: a revolutionary InDesign plug-in that seamlessly imports data from files or databases directly into your design files. In addition, our custom versioning software, ADVersion, is specifically designed for sales flyer production for retailers and grocers who need to do geographic, price, and language versioning.

Powerful Tools

Automation depends on complete and accurate data. Whether your data is stored in Excel, Google Sheets, a PIM platform, or even directly in your design files, we can create a solution for you. Our team of experts will analyze your data and advise you on how to lay a proper foundation. We have extensive experience working with data from leading PIM platforms, such as Salsify, Sales Layer, Akeeno, and Plytix.

Data Strategy

Custom Solutions

At Avatar, custom solutions come standard. We provide multiple pathways to success, empowering our clients to decide what aligns best with their requirements and financial considerations. From user-friendly "drag and drop", to seamless push-button automation workflows, we have a solution for every preference. We also offer custom script and applet development to enhance your solution.

We deliver results

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